• Shayshayrip

    First off, 5 hours of sleep in three days, WHAT AM I CRAZY?! It's 4:24 right now and I am bored. I couldn't come up with anything to do, so um yeah. THEN I REMEMBERED, when I stay up late I usually find entertainment by typing. Cause with typing I tend to draw EVERY SINGLE THING OUT. So no matter what, I'll never run out of stuff to say. ^^ SO, I figured, why not make a blog about shit no one else will care about. EVEN I may not even care about. I hope WHO EVER is actually bored enough to read this feels SPECIALS cause you getta hear my rambles, mumbles, thoughts, AND WHATEVER ELSE GOES ON IN MY HEAD. To start off the blog... Click This. --> [1]

    May 5th, 2013: 4:42 AM, Central Time Zone (UTC−06:00): It's 4:42 AM. I am cold. I think I may die of Hypot…

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