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Welcome to The Lion King Wikia, a database that anyone can edit.
This is a wikia devoted to all things related to The Lion King. This includes, but is not limited to, the films, the merchandise, the musical, and more!

Also, make sure to visit our sister site, The Lion King Theory Wiki!The Lion King Wikia currently has 47 articles since its opening on October 27, 2005.
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Did You Know?

...that Simba and Nala have a son named Kopa? ...that the complete score was cut from the official soundtrack? ...that Mufasa was once going to sing a song? ...that there is more than one elephant graveyard? ...that Rafiki is female in the stage musical?

Featured Articles

Arnold is an aardvark who makes his first and only appearance in The Shiny Stones. When they first meet, Timon mistakes Arnold for a cape dog. Although the meerkat attempts to give himself up to the teeth of the beast, Arnold laughs and cheerfully reveals himself to be a harmless aardvark. So relieved is Timon that Arnold is not a cape dog that the meerkat flings himself at the stranger and gives him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. After exchanging introductions, Arnold learns of Timon's quest to find larger shiny stones and is forced to tell the meerkat that the stones had been extracted years earlier by parrots. Disheartened but still relieved at being alive, Timon takes the news well and accepts Arnold's offer to travel to the aardvark's warren. Along the way, Timon's sack rips, and a good portion of the shiny stones fall out. When Arnold points this out to Timon, the meerkat admits that he had not noticed the load lighten as they walked.



The Stupid Ass is a story from the Rafiki Remembers series. An ass, for whatever reason, became acquainted with a respected lion. Although animals laughed at the idea, the ass greatly appreciated her sense of authority. She flaunted her friend around and associated herself with upper-class lifestyle much like the lion. The two put on a scheme to catch a gazelle. The ass stood on one side the cave and made an alarming noise. The gazelle, in panic, ran straight toward the lion. It was a huge success, but after the lion no longer needed the ass, the ass was threatened to be eaten. The ass couldn't bear to show herself for a long time out of embarrassment.



Antelope is a term referring to many ungulate species indigenous to various regions in Africa and Eurasia. The term 'antelope' can refer to a number of different species. There are ninety-one different kinds of antelope, most of which are native to Africa. A group of antelope is called a "herd." All antelope have horns, though in some species, they are only found on the males. They are permanently attached, not like a deer’s, which are shed each year. Antelope are sometimes imported to other countries for exotic game hunting, though escapes are not unheard of. Parts of Texas are able to sustain antelope, so groups of the creatures now reside there, even though they are not native to that area.


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